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Martin Beale’s record double

May 5, 2009

Martin Beale has taken another half hour out of the Green Man Challenge record with the aid of another Martin from Team Vasque: Martin Indge.

It was a bit of a cock-up from the Gaveller’s point of view as he had taken up a position away from the bridge to see the challengers off, based on experience of Woodwose XIII’s run. But the two Martin’s snuck past on the path from the Tailor’s Friend (the sliding rock). That meant that those of us who had turned out to see them off were left looking silly and did not feel confident enough to see them in either. More fool us!

The new record is 7 hours 19 minutes and 52 seconds.

Martin wrote:

We did nearly the same splits as last year to Hambrook and then took 10 minutes per leg off the record pace for the last three legs. Conditions were pretty much perfect – cool and that drizzle just kept us at the right temperature.

Martin [Indge] was well impressed with the route – as was I. There were a couple of excellent fields where we were running through the wildflowers – very nice.