Rindzin’s schedule

Here is the timetable for Rindzin’s barefoot attempt on Sunday. I think she could afford to set a slightly quicker pace if there is any one out there who would like to help her? 

I will be joining at Keynsham and her brother will take over at the White Horse in Hambrook.

Sunrise, 6.31
Start (just after 6.30am)
Leg 1, Clifton suspension bridge to Dundry, 5m
07:50, Leg 2, Dundry to Pensford, 5.5m
9.15, Leg 3 Pensford to Keynsham, 5.5m
10.50, Leg 4 Keynsham to Shortwood Hill, 5.5m
12.30, Leg 5 Shortwood Hill to White Horse, 5.75m
14.15, Leg 6 White Horse to Patchway Community College, 5m
15.30, Leg 7 Patchway to Blaise Castle, 6m
17:00, Leg 8 Blaise to suspension bridge, 6m

One Response to “Rindzin’s schedule”

  1. Neil Banwell Says:

    It will be an honour to assist.
    I will join Rinzdin For Dundry to Pensford, I would go more but have Bristol half the following weekend.

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