Rin’dzin’s feat

Rin'dzin's feet after her feat

Thanks to HUGE support on the day from pacers and helpers, I completed the Green Man ahead of schedule and have earned the delightful title of Woodwose no. 49 (that means I’m the 49th person to have completed the 45 mile circuit.)  

As it happens, I covered 49 miles too (48.6, to be precise) as, on the fourth leg, I mislaid my iPhone and backtracked to find it.  Chris, who was running with me, located it in the hands of a friendly fisherman.  It seems I’m the first person to have run the challenge barefoot (in vibrams), so we are going to try to get some publicity for Aro Ling through that. 

I am extremely touched by your generous support, financial and otherwise, and quite overwhelmed by the positive and encouraging response on behalf of Aro Ling.  For those who sponsored me per mile, I don’t expect you to go beyond the 45 miles of the circuit! 

Feet and legs: sore, but no injuries.  A few blisters. 
Weather: perfectly cool and damp, but not wet or slippery for most of the morning.  Uncomfortably hot in the afternoon. 

I’ve attached a picture, for your amusement. 

Stats, for the Geeks among you:

11 hours 25 mins, start to finish 
Minus the iPhone backtrack: 10 hours 45 mins
Moving average 4.9mph
Total ascent 3174ft


My kind sponsors: all of you, thank you very much indeed. 

For guidance in practice, form, remaining present and staying injury free:
Naljorpa Chhi’mèd Kunzang
Lisa Clarke, Alexander Technique teacher
Matt James, Structural Integration massage, Aro Ling

Chris and Libby Bloor and their grandchildren were present the whole day.  Chris ran with me for 5 legs, Libby & kids provided pitstop entertainment and home-grown tomato sandwiches.  Chris plied me with the best pint of orange squash I’ve ever tasted in my life. 

Lawrence, who drove 5 hours from Hull, ran 17 miles, didn’t have time for a shower and drove home 5 hours to North Wales for an early rise the next morning.  

Sunday morning early riser, videographer and post-run masseur: Lekyi
Jill, a marvellous post-run leg massage
Frankie, copious amounts of chocolate, chai, chappattis and love. 

and Métsal, for support all afternoon at the pitstops, car runs and lifts, and the sausage sandwich

and for all your texts and emails of encouragement.  They really did make a difference.   

With much love and gratitude, 


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