10Kx365 Last Day New Year’s Eve 2013

New Year’s Eve 2013 produced a tremendous turn out at six o’clock on a wet morning to support the achievements of Jim Plunkett Cole, Neil Taylor and Alfie, who were about to complete their challenge of running at least 10K every day for the 365 days of 2013. 

49 runners and three dogs headed off into the darkness and the threatening clouds looming over Dundry. Jim got off to an inauspicious start when he came down on his knee on a slippery wooden bridge beside the park and ride after a couple of hundred metres.

The runners headed out across the muddy fields soon to be marred by the construction of a high speed bus link towards the tunnel under the main railway line. Standing water and mud under the railway set the tone for the coming climb. Soon a line of head torches was strung out across three fields or more behind Rob Dickson and Sarah Sweeting who had taken on the responsibility of keeping the front runners on track. The climb up to Dundry is rarely easy but the filthy conditions underfoot made ascent particularly challenging, especially for those at the back with dogs to get over tall stiles.

The views from Dundry across Bristol did not disappoint as the lowering clouds over Dundry suggested they might – the lights of the bridges over to Wales being clearly visible. Queues at stiles and kissing gates demonstrated the difficulty involved in trying to keep so many runners together, which led to the front runners missing the climactic moment in a field between North Wick and Norton Hawkfield, when Jim, Neil and Alfie celebrated their achievement with a handshake.

So – job done – mission accomplished. Climbing over Dundry in the wet and the dark is not the easiest way to complete a 10K run, especially when carrying an injury. But Jim and Neil wanted to finish with a flourish. Forty extra miles is some flourish!

They are an inspiration. Sounds banal doesn’t it? The sort of thing people always say. But 10Kx365 provided a slow burning sort inspiration backed up by Jim’s highly personal and effective writing, so this was inspiration with teeth. People wanted to join in this final flourish. People like the Hayford Taylor brothers Arthur, Henry and George who had never run anything like this distance before and finished like young gods with their beards and blonde dreadlocks soaked by the rain – the perfect image of the Woodwoses most of us would like to be! People like Cathy Fagg and Liz Noakes and Helen King who had wanted to do the Green Man Challenge but never really believed they could do it until they arrived beaming back at the Dovecote. Helen had tears in her eyes when I called her a Woodwose. People like Rob Dickson who was completing the course for the fourth time and who was buzzing at the finish because he been able to help other people to finish.

These are examples only. Everyone who finished or failed to finish or joined in for a short section has a story to tell. Maybe some of them will tell their story to inspire more people.

BTW I waiting to see what Clare Prosser can do to the course record now she has found her way round. Watch this space!

One Response to “10Kx365 Last Day New Year’s Eve 2013”

  1. Rob Dickson Says:

    Arthur, Henry and George were brilliant I was proud to have two of them with me. what stars…………..

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