New Year’s Eve 2014

Another great event! 35 people completed the course, 22 of them new Woodwoses.Laura Darby-Jones (Hoddinott) seems to have been the fastest newbie finishing in 8 hours 45 mins with veteran Woodwose Bryan Stadden. A TACH contingent of 4 finished more or less together in about 10 hours 45 mins. Emma Welham looked strongest at the finish, which was just as well as she had to do a bar shift until 3 am afterwards. Sam Edwards was another newbie finishing off a great year. Graham Bazley and Jonathan Gledson, who finished with them are veteran Woodwoses.
6 Taylors finished the challenge – the Hayford-Taylor brothers Henry, Arthur and George, and Martin, Neil and Cath Taylor – not sure how or if these are related!
I am sure there are many epic stories i don’t know about. I was paericularly taken with the story of Vicky Dickson and Jim Barron who completed 42 miles, but didn’t actually finish the challenge. On the other hand the number 42 is the meaning of life and also the number of years the Buddha taught after his enlightenment – so it is probably “better!”
Cheers greeted Joanne Pitt and Lucien Campbell Kemp who started the previous night at 10 pm (ish) and walked through night and day to finish in 19 hours 18 mins – nearly as long as Emma Welham stayed on her feet!

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