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Plodding on

January 27, 2008

Despite the record breaking excitement generated by ‘Gyppo’ (Mark Vogan), Pete Darwood and Tim Laney, Pete deB, Mike B and I have plodded on with our training for the Green Man Challenge.

Pete’s Long One is now on the Free CTTC routes page on, together with two shorter routes derived form it: Waterloo, from the Prince of Waterloo in Winford and The Lulsgate Pentangle from the George and Dragon at Felton. (The adventurous should also look out the Rhino Maiden when she arrives on site.)

Meanwhile Mike and I did 20 miles of the Community Forest Path from Hambrook to the Town and Country Motel on the A38 last Sunday and Pete deB and I did the Two Rivers Way from The Lockkeeper at Keynsham to the Ship at Congresbury today.

The Two Rivers Way was written by Yatton Ramblers in the opposite direction, but I prefer to end up in Congresbury on principle. We were ferried to the start by Libby, who went on a run on her own. For a change it wasn’t raining, but our feet could not have got much wetter or muddier because of the standing water.

My wobbly ankle survived the trip, but I got an attack of wind towards the end, which made me most uncomfortable and slowed us down so that we finished about ten minutes outside schedule.

The route was well worth following again. There were several places that we thought might suit a summer picnic. You can get a copy of a full route description of the Two Rivers Way, from the Yatton Ramblers or follow the route on Explorer maps 155 and 154. It is not always obvious which route to follow on the OS maps, but it doesn’t matter much, except that you shpold probably go across the Chew dam. We diverted from the route to try out the new line of the Forest Path at Compton Dando and the ‘common sense’ changes that I suggested in ‘Waterloo’ on the CTTC free routes pages.

Fellrunners on Green Man

January 15, 2008

Three fell runners who have completed the Green Man Challenge have posted useful comments on the Fellrunners (FRA) Forum, which is listed on the Blogroll.

It’s gone again!

January 7, 2008

Even as Chris Smart handed over the Green Man trophy to Mark Vogan at the Town and Country Harriers’ Twelfth Night do on Saturday 5th January, his record had already been broken.

Peter Darwood of Bishopston, Bristol and Tim Laney of South Stoke, Bath completed the course (45.86 miles per them) in 8 hrs 51 mins, nearly an hour quicker than Mark.

How long will that record stand?