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Seven Line Thunderbolt Song – Dorje Tsig-dun

September 23, 2010


Örgyen yul-gi nub-chang tsam

Pema ke-sar dong-po la

Ya-tsen, chö-gi ngö-drup nye

Pe-ma jung-ne she-su drag

Khor-du khan-dro mang-pö khor

Kye-kyi je-su dag-drub kyi

Chin-gyi lob-chir she-su sol

Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

As you can see it is not actually seven lines long. On the other hand, there are seven syllables in each line.

It means,

In the northwest of the land of Orgyen

In the heart of a lotus flower

Endowed with the most marvellous attainments

You are renowned as the Lotus-born

Surrounded by many hosts of dakinis (female Woodwights)

Following in your footsteps

I pray to you: come and  give me your support.

It sounds suitable to me!