Now we are 12 account

There was a certain amount of e-mail traffic around our big attempt, which I though might be worth preserving.

I saw George in the pub this lunchtime with John.  He talked about all the training he was doing then ruined the image by lighting up a fag as he left the pub.  Is he going to be the first Woodwose smoker?


Does he smoke Woodbines? This could be the official tobacco of the Woodwose.


A big thank you to all those that supported the run and made it all bearable. Those sugary cups of tea went down well. Thanks also to Pete meeting me with the kids to run the last ½ mile, Tony for the spare shorts, Ant for the Vaseline (sorry for the double dipping) and Sue for reminding us she was “off to the pub now”. Also to Emma, running the last 2 legs with me.


I definitely have some unfinished business and look forward to joining the growing band of Woodwoses (hopefully in 2009).


Congratulations to all new Woodwosers. Ruth is unbelievable. She could not have been able to do much in the way of preparation.

Kind regards  Bill

Hello Chaps

Please can I fervently second Michael’s thanks? In particular, Chris for map-reading, guidance, and letting me touch the magic shield, the genii (correct plural I hope) who supplied love hearts and chocolate coffee beans as sustenance at crucial moments, and Jim and Alfie for running with me all the way.

For early pacing, seemingly without any sign of distress, I must thank Ant; for sheepdog work, especially as it got dark and wet, I must thank Rob (especially Rob, tireless in his energy the whole day) and John.

In fact, double thanks to John, since I was wearing his kit- he rejected mine as clearly inadequate and he was dead right- and his family supported and provided me with instant hot baths and food on my return.

Having spent the last four hours discussing it over lunch with Ant and John, I am convinced that I can shave an hour off my time next year… But not if I have many more Sunday lunches like that.

I also seem to have acquired a TACH t-shirt: I shall wear it to the gym with pride.

Pip pip


I would like to echo Chris’ sentiments. The support was magnificent. My memories in particular are of Pete’s cafe, Jason was a trooper in providing a rolling convoy throughout, having first constructed a detailed route map with ETAs and gradient profiles and an overlay of the route on OS, and the welcome at Blaise was nothing short of magnificent.
Congratulations to all finishers; in particular I would like to flag up the achievement of my friend George who unlike the rest of us seasoned hacks is not a runner, having devoted his energies to a life of sybaritic indulgence heretofore. When he visited me in the spring I mentioned the Challenge and suggested he do a leg, so in a fit of pique he said he was going to do the whole lot and got himself up to 30 miles in training. At times I think it was his own personal Calvary (but with isotonic drink and Jaffa cakes as sacrament) but he drove himself through and I am full of admiration.
My final thanks go to Rob who eschewed any opportunity for a PB to stay with me and support George and Jim through to the finish; for such a selfless act he has our (inadequate) thanks and I look forward to returning the favour when he decides to make a serious attempt on the Challenge.
    Neither Emma nor I were fit to attempt it this time, but intend to have our time in the spring; I am hoping to persuade Ant to join us. That leaves one notable exception – Jason, would you care to join us?

When my legs stop hurting, I may well be back for more.

I like ‘Woodbine’. Has a certain pre-war stylishness about it that nicely echoes my attitude to life. John will testify that I appeared for dinner last night in a blazer lined with pink satin, and immaculately pressed chinos… before falling asleep in my bread and butter pudding.

Hail to the Gaveller!

The Woodbine

Well done everyone, I bailed due to other commitments, more fool me, and am very jealous of you all.  Congrats!

Looking forward to another attempt…

A March attempt would be ideal – I’ve got a 3 day, 3-marathon run at the end of the month, so a warm up run round Bristol could be just what is needed!

One of my chums has been exploring the route in the last couple of weeks, and yes I believe they’re going to go in November.  They’ve planned some support already, involving what sounds like a slightly complicated arrangement of car drop offs, some people running half way, and so forth.  Many thanks for offer tho – I shall ask them.

For the 6 hour relay challenge I definitely would like to have crack at that, but I will wait a while before committing to it.  We’d likely be looking at April/May – and yes opposition would be welcome!  I’d had the idea already of setting off two teams in opposite directions…

Matt [Bad Tri]

I’d love to join you in the spring … as long as I can get my knee strong enough (I’m up to just over two hours at the moment).


We are both [Jim and Alfie] fine thank you.  I’m struggling to walk (the run aggravated an ankle injury) but over the moon about completing the Challenge.  I thought it unlikely that I would complete it when we started (because of my limitations in terms of lack of preparation for that sort of thing – never run a marathon distance and never taken food on board during an event. Wasn’t sure about Alfredo either – though he was still raring to go further at the end. I certainly wasn’t. Mind you he spent the rest of the weekend curled up asleep.).

I intend to write a thank-you / small account which I will email over the weekend.  I will also promote the Challenge to my Frome Running Club colleagues. 



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