Woodwose Reports

Each qualified Woodwose is supposed to submit a report for the benefit of future aspirants.

3 Responses to “Woodwose Reports”

  1. Matthew Hall Says:

    Woodwose XLVI’s report

    All the omens for Tracy and mine’s attempt looked good. The weather was forecast for a fairly warm day with some cloud and sunny spells. We’d had two months to recover from our last long distance walk on the Ridgeway, so we felt strong and refreshed. We’d previously walked the entire route in four sections on separate occasions so we knew where we were going and the route was clear.

    We decided to start at Patchway Community College due to the Ashton Court gates being locked at 5am and because we would tackle Spaniorum and Dundry Hill in the first half of the route whilst our legs were fresh. Since we were also doing this walk unsupported we figured that we would be able to pick up water, food, coffee and use the bathrooms at Ashton Court, Pensford, Warmley and at the little café on the Kendleshire Golf course. Of course the added bonus to starting here was food and drink at the Traveller’s Rest on completion.

    We’d estimated completing this challenge in about 14 hours. We knew from previous experience that we could do faster but didn’t want time hanging over us as is the case with other organised events. Plus we wanted to take a moment at the numerous kissing gates on route.

    Our attempt started fairly well reaching the Green Man in a modest 4 hours. However on the upper slopes of Dundry Tracy picked up knee problems, which then became really problematic as the walk progressed. This was made more difficult for Tracy by some overgrown areas of the path on the later stages of the walk at Ivoryhill Farm, between the house at Hambrook and under the motorway shortly afterward (also some earlier at Over farm and on the path immediately after Shirehampton Park golf course). However, Tracy is pretty tough and we managed to finish in 16 hours and 45 minutes.

    Given the above difficulties, we both thought it a wonderful walk with numerous encounters with wildlife such as four sighting of deer and flocks of goldfinches. We’ll certainly be recommending this challenge and walk to others.

  2. Matthew Hall Says:

    Another version submitted to Bristol and West LDWA as suggested.

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