An XL-Ent Report

Just a quick report following my effort on Sunday to become a Woodwose. Having done most of my recce runs during the winter I was looking forward to a dry spell to dry out some of the route and we certainly got that this Easter.
I’m based in Winterbourne just 5 mins away from where the route meets the Frome valley walkway so this is where I would start & finish my attempt.
I started nice & early at 7 whilst it was still cool and being Easter Sunday it would be fairly quiet on the roads. I flew through Hambrook, Bradley Stoke & Patchway at a good pace with no dramas until Easter Compton when I almost stepped out into a speeding car – it nearly got me! Then through the churchyard with the first hill of the day in front of me – all going well.
Picked up the pace again heading into Henbury & onto Blaise Castle The sun was starting to break through the clouds & I was already regretting not having my shades with me. A nice section heading down the hill, through the golf course & no golfers – like it. Into Sea Mills & onwards & upwards towards the Clifton Downs, along the Promenade across the bridge & into Ashton Court; tipped my hat towards the Greenman & headed off towards Dundry Hill.
Dundry proved to be a toughy. For me it was the hardest section, I’d done over 20 miles and was starting to feel it.
I enjoyed the next section with no dramas until Pensford, when I took a left at the Rising Sun by mistake & headed up the wrong road retraced my steps only to find someone was building a house on the footpath & hadn’t rerouted the path, some chap pointed towards a diversion through an allotment (to the left of the building site).
My favourite moment would have to be running down a wooded section with the bluebells out in force just before you get to Compton Dando, I do also love running alongside the river here before you get to Keynsham.
The last 10 miles or so was becoming a slog. The Bath Path towards Warmley was heavy with bike traffic & I ran out of fluid with 5 miles to go & it was getting very warm. It was a huge relief to be heading into the Kendleshire Golf Course (determined to get this bit right) then over Badminton Rd & I could see the viaduct where I had started that morning, over the last stile then down to the river & collapse.
45.8 miles showing on the Garmin in an unbelievable time of 7hrs 55mins & 13 secs.
Until the next time.

Clive (Woodwose XL)

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