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4 new Woodwoses

April 8, 2014

This weblog is being neglected in favour of Facebook.
Consequently, the night run by David Higgenbottam and Matt Milkins on the 14th/15th March has not been written up. I suppose I should have chased them up for a write up! I think 11 hours 16 mins is an excellent time for a night run.
I particularly enjoyed Kes Aleknavicius run with Lee Francis, because I was able to keep them company from Dundry to their finish at Keynsham. I came across Kes during Jim Plunkett-Cole’s New Year’s Eve run, where he was helping out by keeping everybody on track through Keynsham. He then had to drop out of the Ultra race due to injury after 30 miles – hence the attempt on Sunday. Lee was just going to keep him company for a bit, but was still going strong at Dundry so decided to keep going to the finish. It is predominantly downhill after all! I am always impressed by people like Lee who do an ultra with no preparation at all on a whim (Woodwose II Mark Vogan was another.) And people like Kes who are prepared to help others.
On this occasion Woodwose Steve Cox stayed with Kes and Lee for a few miles from the start and Jamie Evans joined in for the last 10.5 miles from Dundry. Kes’ wife Carol supported him all the way round with Lee’s partner Alex Jolly. Deb Evans also supported from Dundry.