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A message from an aspirant Woodwose

December 1, 2009

Hi all,

Green Man Challenge is ON.  Saturday 20 March. Reserve date….Sunday 21 March!

Self-supported circumnavigation of Bristol on foot, following the Community Forest Path.  45 miles approx. Immortality beckons!

Firstly, do you want to come along?  I would love to get as many people as possible out doing this, or parts of it. If you know someone who might be interested, please invite them!

Secondly, logistical help on the day or for training runs would be massively, hugely appreciated.  There are a couple of points where a friendly face/aid station (or a lift to start points/back home on the training runs!) would be really really useful!  Any volunteer sherpas will be rewarded in heaven and with chocolate/beer as appropriate.

If you’re coming, then knowing the route is highly recommended (by better people than me, ie those that have actually done it!) to prevent getting lost and to save time on the day.  Also not a good idea to rely on someone else to show you where to go, in case they fall into a ditch/pub along the way!


Green Man Challenge practice – route-finding, essentially, is also ON for the week after Christmas. I’m planning to run it in 3 stages on alternate days – 29 December, 31 December, and 2 January, in daylight hours.

Stage 1 –  Green Man (Ashton Court) to Keynsham, 15.5 miles approx
Stage 2  –  Keynsham to Patchway (16.5 miles approx).
Stage 3 –  Patchway to the Green Man (12 miles approx).

I would love to have company for these whether you want to do the Green Man in March or not.  Pace will be the speed of the slowest person, with whatever stopping, eating and drinking is required.

So get back to me if this floats your boat and you want to be involved in any way at all.

See you soon