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Banana Bridge Warning

October 7, 2012
Just discovered that the Banana Bridge over the M5 between Patchway and Pegwell Brake has been closed. It is due to be taken down and replaced. They have allowed themselves 6 months, but reckon it ought to take 10 weeks.

The alternative route is via Junction 16 where the A38 goes under the M5 to pick up a footpath on the northwest side of the roundabout. The path has been cleared by the S. Glos PROW team and is pleasant enough (although it could do with some waymarks.) It rejoins the CFP in Pegwell Brake.

It doing the challenge moonwise, It may be best to keep straight on alongside Bradley Stoke Way to the Aztec West roundabout instead of going over the Primrose Bridge. Not sure which is the best way to negotiate the traffic at this point. It may be best to keep on the east side of the A38 till after Junction 16. But it remains dodgy. Be careful.

Florida 50 miler

October 2, 2012

Woodwose LIII, Alex Foster came second in the JW Corbett 50 mile race in Florida on September 22nd in a time of 9h 44mins. This comparatively slow time was due to the fact that 25% of the course was under water. I expect TACH training stood him in good stead!


October 2, 2012

Woodwose LXXXIV, Neil Bryant has now completed 44 continuous days of running and is now in Spain having run through Denmark, Germany and France. He is due to reach the border with Gibraltar in 20 days time.

You can follow his progress on and also on his blog at 

It is an awesome enterprise.


October 2, 2012



completed by Rob and Sarah.

This night attempt is something we both have wanted to do for along time after many hours spent training on the GM throughout the year. Our first complete GM was  the ultra running event in March. We both felt a GM attempt @ night would add an extra challenge to an already challenging course taking in account the terrain and navigation involved. Only after many hours spent on the course already in the dark usually around 5am on a winters morning did we feel able to consider doing this all night. We were right to be cautious as navigation @ night is difficult across many fields in which it isn’t obvious which direction you need to go when tired and its dark. The experience held many highs and lows, this was an experience we would definitely repeat.

The highs were running with the moon as a light source most of the time. We both were quite amazed that we didn’t need are head torches a lot of the time as our eyes adjusted to the light and in fact we found the head torches quite dazzling especially after many hours. The stars were more prevalent certainly more than what you can usually see in your back garden in the centre of Bristol. The quiet of the night was enjoyable, the only noise you could here was the cows munching on the grass.

The lows were being chased by cows, quite scary really a whole herd chased us near Walnut Farm due to there being young cows in the field, we decided to walk.

The tiredness was very difficult, we spent 2am- 4am virtually sleep walking. We both found it difficult to hold a conversation – we had slurred speech – couldn’t finish sentences – we both were shutting our eyes uncontrollably and both even started hallucinating. It was really odd, but it did pass once the sun started to come up again. I think the extreme tiredness was due to both having got up 4am on the Friday morning worked a full day and then leaving for our attempt 6pm in the evening when we were already tired, a mistake, next time you definitely need rest and sleep before starting.

It may be interesting to add that there are water taps @ all the churches on route which we found helpful. We ate chicken wraps after experimenting with other foods, these worked for us. A change of socks with a bit of talc to dry your feet was nice to stop “trench foot”. We even had time for a cold foot bath in the river @ Keynsham. We were fortunate with the weather – we had one down pour, but that was covered by our ponchos, which we carry with us anyway.

We have just completed GM again in 15 hours, this time in the day and going in the opposite direction on the 22nd Sept 2012. We chose to do it in the opposite direction as on May bank holiday 2013 we are planning on doing both ways at the same time which will give us a total of 90miles, a good indication for our training for a 100 mile attempt @ another event @ the end of July.

 If anyone would like to join us or support us with our attempt in May you are more than welcome.

     Sarah Sweeting and Rob Dickson