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Now we are twelve

November 3, 2008

Yesterday, 5 new Woodwoses completed the Green Man Challenge in a group effort organised by Town and Country Harriers (TACH).

First in was Ruth Pitchers – the first female Woodwose – in 9 hours 54 mins, looking as fresh as a daisy. She certainly looks capable of knocking at least half an hour off this time, if she feels the need to try it. (She really wanted the route to be 46 miles to match her age!)

Next in was Mike Bastow in just under 10 hours, accompanied by Emma Oughton, who had guided these two in from Patchway Community School (at 32 miles). Mike had been the strong and eager up until Patchway, but Ruth was looking stronger by the time they reached Blaise car park. Emma found herself torn between guiding Ruth, who was unfamiliar with this section and supporting Mike, who was looking wobbly on his long legs “like a young colt.”

The remaining group came in an hour later. These were: George “Woodbine” Gilham, Jim Plunkett Cole (and his dog Alfie) and Rob Hicks – motto “Service before Self” – the winner of the inaugural Hogweeds Muggle – who had stayed back to help John McDonough guide George and Jim (and Alfie) home. This had become necessary when Gaveller – Chris “Travelog” Bloor had dropped out at Patchway – “I’m cold, my legs ache and I’ve done it before!”

9 of us had started in the Dovecote car Park at 7 am.

Woodwose, Mark “Gypsy” Vogan kept us company till Dundry. Sue Baic joined us from Pensford to the Lockkeeper at Keynsham. Tony “Rebore” Bishop’s legs let him down on the way up to Shortwood Hill (21 miles). Antony “Turtle” Clark was still going strong at Hambrook (27 miles), but he thought he had better drop out because he had not done the training and he had only meant to stay with us for a couple of stages (The boys a natural!).

Nobody would have been able to drop out were it not for the motorised support team, who also supplied food and isotonic drinks made to dietician Sue Baic’s recipe. These were Jason Pitchers, Woodwose Peter de Boer and children (Lisa made the flapjacks), Sue Baic, Libby Bloor (and Jana), Ruth McDonough (and Sylvie), Jan Clark (+Susannah and Catriona) and Jo Hicks.

TACH really seem to be getting the hang of organising these long distance events, which is a good thing as there is a growing body of runners (and walkers) who have unfinished business with the Green Man Challenge.