According to the Shorter Oxford Dictionary, a wight is a living being or creature, sometimes but not necessarily human,

Three Woodwights

also chiefly with an epithet (good or bad) applied to supernatural, preternatural or unearthly beings. Woodwights are associated with trees. They are mainly known today for the help they offer to Woodwoses. Some Woodwoses started off as Woodwights, and others take up the role later.

The first Woodwights to emerge were Sara Vogan and Chris Bloor who emerged with Woodwose II on Christmas Eve 2007.

Sara Vogan

Christmas Eve 2007

Chris Bloor (WV)

Christmas Eve 2007, 1st Nov 2008, 6th March 2010, Vernal Equinox 2010, 10th April 2010

Antony Clark (WXVI)

10th Feb 2008, 1st Nov 2008

John McDonough

10th Feb 2008, 1st Nov 2008

Libby Bloor

10th Feb 2008

Emma Oughton

Pete de Boer (W VI)

Tony Bishop

Sue Baic

Jason Pitchers

1st Nov 2008

Ruth and Sylvie McDonough

1st Nov 2008, 10th April 2010

Joe Scaife

Jan Clark

6th March 2010


6th March 2010, Vernal Equinox 2010

Richard Pontin

Kevin Wheeler

Tracey Bryant

Pat Challis

Jane Whittaker

Bob Powell

Ian Carpenter

14th March 2010

Anne Bisco

Vernal Equinox 2010

Andy Fagg

Cathy Fagg

Peter Kennedy

10th April 2010

Giles Heeks

Martin Beale (Woodwose VII)


Tim Down (Woodwose XIII)

Antony (Turtle) Clark (Woodwose XVI)

Martin Klijn (Woodwose XXXV)

The Gaveller (Woodwose V)

Pete of Salomon

Jon of Gore

19th February 2011

Neil Banwell

18th June 2011

Lawrence White

Jonathan Gledson (Woodwose XXIII)

Neil Banwell (Woodwose XLVIII)

The Gaveller (Woodwose V)

Libby Bloor



4th September 2011

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