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ABC Warrior

June 26, 2011

Six Avatars of ABC Warrior at the Green Man

It has been decided that members of a baton relay team that completes the Green Man Challenge should be regarded as Woodwights assisting a Virtual Woodwose for the purposes of entries in the Forestal Book. In this case the Virtual Woodwose has been given the name ABC Warrior, because all the members of the team are members of the Avon Business Club. The original ABC Warriors are robots designed to withstand Atomic, Bacteriological and Chemical weapons in 2000AD, the comic. The members of the team can also be seen of Avatars, or earthly representations of the Virtual Woodwose.

Locked out!

June 18, 2011

Mark Beveridge and Neil Banwell at 6-30 this morning were eager to start their attempt on the Green Man Challenge – braving a heavy early morning shower. But they were baulked at the first hurdle when they found the gate into the deerpark chained and padlocked due to unspecified deer welfare issues. Nothing daunted, they set off around the deerpark to Ashton Court mansion. Neil was optimistic that they would finish around 3-30 this afternoon.

ABC Warriors attempt Green Man Challenge

June 12, 2011

ABC Warriors by Mr Tuke
A group of 30 from ABC (Avon Business Club) are in the process of completing the Green Man Challenge as a relay. They have been battling against the weather and look like finishing around 9pm.