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A message from Woodwose XVII

April 26, 2011

Hope you are keeping well and had a good Easter.

I am off again on one of my long runs – 300 miles this time !
As part of the training I was wondering, if it was alright to run the Greenman this Saturday ( 30th). It wouldn’t be for a special time, just the distance really as I would be map reading and trying to remember the route.
Do you know if anybody else would like to join in as I have had some interest from our running groups for a possible 7am start.
Many thanks,
John. 07745351278.

An XL-Ent Report

April 26, 2011

Just a quick report following my effort on Sunday to become a Woodwose. Having done most of my recce runs during the winter I was looking forward to a dry spell to dry out some of the route and we certainly got that this Easter.
I’m based in Winterbourne just 5 mins away from where the route meets the Frome valley walkway so this is where I would start & finish my attempt.
I started nice & early at 7 whilst it was still cool and being Easter Sunday it would be fairly quiet on the roads. I flew through Hambrook, Bradley Stoke & Patchway at a good pace with no dramas until Easter Compton when I almost stepped out into a speeding car – it nearly got me! Then through the churchyard with the first hill of the day in front of me – all going well.
Picked up the pace again heading into Henbury & onto Blaise Castle The sun was starting to break through the clouds & I was already regretting not having my shades with me. A nice section heading down the hill, through the golf course & no golfers – like it. Into Sea Mills & onwards & upwards towards the Clifton Downs, along the Promenade across the bridge & into Ashton Court; tipped my hat towards the Greenman & headed off towards Dundry Hill.
Dundry proved to be a toughy. For me it was the hardest section, I’d done over 20 miles and was starting to feel it.
I enjoyed the next section with no dramas until Pensford, when I took a left at the Rising Sun by mistake & headed up the wrong road retraced my steps only to find someone was building a house on the footpath & hadn’t rerouted the path, some chap pointed towards a diversion through an allotment (to the left of the building site).
My favourite moment would have to be running down a wooded section with the bluebells out in force just before you get to Compton Dando, I do also love running alongside the river here before you get to Keynsham.
The last 10 miles or so was becoming a slog. The Bath Path towards Warmley was heavy with bike traffic & I ran out of fluid with 5 miles to go & it was getting very warm. It was a huge relief to be heading into the Kendleshire Golf Course (determined to get this bit right) then over Badminton Rd & I could see the viaduct where I had started that morning, over the last stile then down to the river & collapse.
45.8 miles showing on the Garmin in an unbelievable time of 7hrs 55mins & 13 secs.
Until the next time.

Clive (Woodwose XL)


April 25, 2011

It looks like we have reached Woodwose XL in the form of Clive Marston who started at Winterbourne and finished in 7 hrs 55 mins 13 secs,, the third all time fastest time and the fastest this year.

Alex Prince just over the 8

April 9, 2011

Alex Prince finished the Green Man Challenge in 8 hours 8 mins today, just 4 mins quicker than Jonathn Gledson’s effort in January. He would probably have got in in under 8 hours if his legs hadn’t visibly cramped in the last 10K. He is Woodwose XXXIX. Who will be Woodwose XL?

Pics by Marcus Mumford at: