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Latest Woodwose

February 27, 2011

Luke Taylor joined the select ranks of sub-9 hour Woodwoses today with a time of 8 hrs 31 mins to qualify as Woodwose XXXVIII. Luke said, “The support I got from Ian Ruck, Antony (Turtle) Clark and Jonathan Gledson made all the difference.” Jonathan said, “If wasn’t for the atrocious conditions underfoot, I reckon Luke could have equalled my time.” Ian Ruck agreed. “He looked really strong when he was running with us.” Luke said, “I felt tired after Shortwood Hill, but I felt fine again by the time I reached Hambrook…The worst bit was after Shirehampton golf course, when my hamstrings began to seize up.”

Coventry Rules

February 27, 2011

Do you think we could use these?

Challenger’s Rules

Please read the following rules and then select the Entry Form button at the end of this page. Print the completed form, sign it and send with entry fee to the address detailed on the form.
1. A Coventry Way Challenge (hereafter known as the “Event”) is open to all persons aged 18 or over on the day of the Event. Younger entrants are allowed but must be either: a) a member of the LDWA (those under 16 must be accompanied at all times by an adult), or b) if a non-member, must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian. In either case the relevant adult/parent/guardian must sign the Entry Form.
2. Times and starting points are as stated below. All classes must be completed by 21.00 (i.e. a 15 hour time limit for 06:00 starters) and participants must pass through each checkpoint in the correct order.
3. Each entrant must register about 30 minutes before the intended start time to receive/check details of any route changes. The route description will show checkpoint closing times. Entrants must leave each checkpoint before the closing time. Anyone arriving after the closing time must retire.
4. Retiring entrants should advise us that they have retired and help to ensure that this is recorded on the CP Control Sheets at a checkpoint. Transport back to the finish will be arranged wherever practicable as soon as possible. In an emergency – if retiring entrants cannot reach a checkpoint – they should inform another entrant giving them their Name & Number for the other entrant to hand in at the next checkpoint. A mobile telephone number will be provided at the start. Under no circumstances retire without telling the organisers!
5. The checkpoint marshal may retire anyone showing signs of undue stress or who has broken the rules.
6. Entries must be made on an official entry form (or photocopy) with only one entry per form.
7. The entry fee is £12 (entry on the day NOT allowed) or for relays £24/team, includes cost of 36 page updated A5 “Map & Route Description” booklet (cheques payable to ‘ACWA’). The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry and return the full fee. Entries to be received by 9th April 2011.
8. All successful finishers will receive a certificate and a woven badge. T-shirts, if available, will be on sale at the finish for successful finishers.
9. Dogs accompanying walkers must be kept under control and on a leash to prevent disturbing farm animals or impeding other walkers.
10. In all matters the decision of the organisers is final.
11. Recommended Start Times are shown in Table 1 below. The “Walker/Runner” start times are an option for those who expect to Walk part of the way, Run part of the way, or fast Walkers, or slow Runners. Start times should be chosen to that you will pass through all checkpoints and reach the finish during the opening times shown in Table 2 below.
12. Register about 30 minutes before your planned start time.
13. Registration from 05:00
14. Start times are flexible.
15. Any individual may start at any time up until 10:00. Please note opening times of checkpoints below.
Plan your start times so you pass through checkpoints when they are open.

16. Relay teams may start at any time up until 10:00
Table 1 : Recommended Start Times
Walkers Walker/ Runners Runners
Meriden 40 milers solo
06:00 to 7:00 07:00 or 08:00 08:00 to 10:00
Meriden 40 milers relay (maximum 8 legs)
06:00 to 09:00 9:00 to 10:00

Alternatively, you can enter & pay via entry form on Runners World website

Table 2 : Opening/closing times, Post Codes
& distance to 7 checkpoints and Finish
CP Place Map Post Code miles Opening to Closing Times
Start Meriden 1 CV7 7JP 0 06:00 to 11:00
1 Kenilworth: 4 CV8 2UE or CV8 2E 7.90 07:30 to 11:30
2 Bubbenhall: 6 CV8 3BW 14.0 09:00 to 13:00
3 Wolston: 8 CV8 3GT 18.0 10:00 to 14:00
4 Brinklow: 10 CV23 0L 22.4 11:00 to 16:00
5 Bedworth: 14 CV12 8RJ 30.6 13:00 to 18:00
6 Breach Oak Lane: 16 CV7 8AU 34.2 13:30 to 18:30
7 Corley Moor: 18 CV7 8AN 37.1 14:00 to 20:00
Finish Finish at Meriden: 18 CV7 7JP 40.0 14:00 to 21:00

Note: Post Code is given as a guide for those driving to the CP using SatNav to find their way to within a few 100 metres (800 metres in case of CP6), or sometimes just about spot on!

Here’s another one

February 27, 2011

If you like the Green Man Challenge, you might like this one. It is certainly worth a look if only to get some ideas of how we might develop ours! See:

(I was worried this is not a hyperlink but the Yahoo search engine will get you there if you highlight it.)

They’re off

February 27, 2011

Luke Taylor set off on his attempt with Antony (Turtle) Clark and Ian Ruck at 8 am this morning in bright sunshine.

Texts to Giles

February 23, 2011

Hi Giles, thanks to you and all the supporters on Saturday. It was  good day and I really enjoyed it. The only suggestion I could make is perhaps a marked route on an OS map available to download on a website? It would help with navving in conjunction with the route description. All the best – Martin Thomson

Hi Giles, a huge thank you to you and all the guides and everyone for yesterday. It was great and a wonderful Moti event. I really appreciated everyone’s patience and helping to get slow me around. Alll great. Very best to all involved. Vassili

Mud People at Green Man’s Grove

February 22, 2011

When we got to the Green Man to meet the new Woodwoses, we found these two Mud People sitting on the Green Man’s head. Apparently they had found some interesting mud in the deer part and had thoroughly caked each other in it. They would have greeted the Woodwoses when they got in, but they got cold and left before they got in.

A letter from Wai Chan

February 22, 2011

Hi Giles,
A huge congratualtions and thanks to all those involved in organising and running the Green Man Challenge on the weekend. I thought the challenge itself was hugely novel, not often you get the chance to enter an off road ultra on your doorstep. The amount of off road running was great, very few bits of tarmac let alone road running which meant my joints were no-where near as sore as what they should be. The wet ground and mud only served to add to the entertainment and aura, the minor downside is the number of gates and stiles but that’s the nature of the beast to some extent (nice to get a rest too!).  Given it was a free event, I was astounded by the level of support Moti, Salomon, Gore and volunteers provided during the whole event – it put the Bristol/Bath entrance fees to shame. The trial gear offered at the start and at Hambrook were very welcome and the number of support stops in general was spot on. I thought the group leads did a tremendous job in pace and navigation especially once the runners settled down.  I really
can’t think of any improvements to the day.

To sum it all up, Fantastic job, really enjoyed it, can’t give enough praise to all involved in organising the challenge. Big thanks to Martin B for dragging us round!!!


The Greenman Challenge Ultra per Giles

February 22, 2011

The day started at 0700 at Ashton Court at the start of the Greenman Challenge Ultra a 45 mile route around Bristol on the community forest path. This has to be completed in sub 12 hours to gain the title of an honourable Woodwose.

It was raining with low cloud in the distance up to Dundry 5 miles away. It had also been raining most of the night, so perfect conditions for testing out the Salomon XR Crossmax shoes and Gore Running Weartm. Pete from Salomon unwrapped 20 pairs of nice new shiny XR Crossmax designed for such an event as the Greenman Challenge Ultra.

Jon from Gore let participants use the Gore Running Weartm for the whole of the 45 mile ultra.

Both the XR shoes and the Gore run wear by Dundry were caked in mud and sodden, but the 22 participants of the Greenman Challenge Ultra were in fine fettle.

By 21 miles at Shortwood Hill there was a change over of guides. The group had split in to two groups now. The strain of the conditions was beginning to rear its ugly head and it was not raining but underfoot was hideously wet and boggy. By the time we reached Keynsham we had lost 3 runners, who self extracted.

Hambrook was at 26 miles so we setup a replenish point and a sports therapist in case of any injuries. Gore supplied fresh socks and Salomon supplied their new EXO calf guards.

It had taken over 6 hours to reach this point with another 19 miles to go.

There were doubts whether the runners would make the 12 hour cut off time back to Ashton Court. 2 more competitors dropped out as intended.

The next 19 miles was a mix of trail and road but there were more road sections which made for a faster second half of the Greenman. Again the Salomon XR was outstanding in giving cushioning and support on the road as it has been designed to do.

We met the first of the lead runners at 33 miles, the group was looking strong and dug in deep and would make the 12 hour cut off time. There were two more groups to come, these groups were looking tired but again all were committed to finishing this Ultra, all would make the 45 miles in less than 12 hours.

At the finish at Ashton Court the first group of runners came in at 9hours 46. The second group 10 hours 31 and the final group at 10 hour 47 – who came home in the dark. All were shattered and broken but with smiles from ear to ear with knowledge of what they had just achieved.

The Dovecote pub is where we ended up for slaps on the back and a well deserved pint. But most importantly all the runners who completed the 45 mile Greenman Challenge Ultra were to be entered into the Honourable Woodwose book of finishers and were given a certificate to be reminded of their achievement.       

Giles Heeks – Event Organiser        

Some messages from New Woodwoses

February 22, 2011
Dear Chris,
thanks so much for coming up with such a great idea and accompanying some of us around for a leg of the trip.  All the help from everyone was really appreciated – with [OUT]  it (see comment!), there is no way that I could have done the 45 miles.
I very much enjoyed your commentary on the various sights as we pottered around and will keep my eyes peeled for wild chives in the future,
best wishes
Message to the Gaveller

I would like to thank all the team for an excellent venue …’Green-Man Challenge’ …. Not knowing what I was letting myself face, the support and guidance was excellent …..fab training…… So please thank Giles for his welcoming and Martin for keeping me well focused till the end…. ‘for any ultra-runner I will recommend you highly….!!! I have done a lot of distance running, and turning 52yrs this year, I must say your 45miler route is one I can say ‘My favourite’….!!! I thank Phillip Howells who brought me on a raining Sat Morning (early start) !!!! Yesterday I had a phone call……. Requesting me to be part of the ladies team of three to run for ‘England’ in the ‘Celtic-Plate-100k’ in Perth (Scotland) March 27th.. So you certainly helped with my training. Angie Sadler

New Green Woman’s Record

February 20, 2011

The big Moti Green Man event started at 8am in a light but persistent drizzle. Due to fall out of group leaders due to injuries, organiser, Giles Heeks had decided to simplify things by starting two groups, one led by record holder Martin Beale and Martin Klijn, which was to go all the way and another led by Camilla, which would stop at Hambrook. I was to take over Camilla’s group at Shortwood Hill 5.75 miles before Hambrook.

By Shortwood (22 miles into the route) this arrangement was looking a bit strained. The back markers were not in sight, some people were finding the pace too hot and others were champing  at the bit. Consequently, Martin Beale set off with the quicker group, which included one who was to drop out at Hambrook and I set out with a slower group.

Martin Klijn, meanwhile, was stuck with a backmarker.

At Hambrook, Woodwose XIII joined the fray to support backmarkers, which enabled the leading group to make progress. They covered the last 18 miles in 3 hrs 37 mins, which enabled Angie Sadler to take the women’s record with a time of 9 hrs 46 mins.

Woodwose XIII and Martin Klijn made excellent progress too picking up those who couldn’t live with the pace of the leaders. They were later joined by Woodwose XVI, which made it possible to split tail again.

As a net result, everyone finished in under 11 hours, which was a great achievement. But the chief glory has to go to Angie Sadler.